How Much Does Professional Carpet Cleaning Cost?

How Much Does Professional Carpet Cleaning Cost?

How much does professional carpet cleaning cost? It depends on the type of cleaning you want, the method used and the amount of square feet the carpet needs cleaned. Listed below are the different types of cleaning and the estimated costs for each. There are also additional charges, including travel costs, that you should consider before hiring a carpet cleaner. You can also find more information about carpet cleaning methods by reading our articles below. Read on to learn more!

Cost of professional carpet cleaning

The cost of professional carpet cleaning depends on several factors. The size of your home and how much work it requires affect the price. In addition, it’s important to choose the right company for the job. Most companies charge by the square foot, and you should factor in labor costs as well. While standard materials are included in the base price, the additional costs of specialized supplies may be extra. You should also ask about additional services, such as furniture removal, which may be an extra charge. See These Helpful Tips

Depending on the size of your home, professional carpet cleaning can cost between $100 and $234 per room. This cost can increase if your carpets are large or have more stains. Also, consider whether you will need more than one session, as larger areas can require multiple cleaning sessions. In addition, keep in mind that the price can be significantly higher if you want special features, including furniture removal, and odor removal. You should ask about the price per square foot before hiring a company.


Among the various methods of professional carpet cleaning, hot water extraction provides the greatest level of cleaning ability. Often called “steam cleaning,” this method involves spraying hot water and a chemical reagent into the pile of the carpet and recovering the soil and water with a powerful vacuum. The cleaning agent is applied to the carpet with an electric portable machine or a powerful truckmount machine, which exhausts the dirty air outside.

Another method of professional carpet cleaning is dry cleaning. In this technique, a cleaning agent is mixed with carbonated water and then applied to the carpet. A rotating brush works the cleaning agent into the fibers with small rotating movements, allowing the soil to be lifted and suspended. After a short dwell time, the carpet is vacuumed. Because this method uses little moisture, the carpet dries quickly. However, it does not remove heavy soil and grit and leaves behind a residue.

Price per square foot

The price per square foot for professional carpet cleaning varies by method, size of room, and company. While some companies charge by the room, others charge by the job. The price per square foot is close to the average. The average 3-bedroom ranch-style home is roughly 1000 square feet. Some companies will charge extra if they need to clean stairs. Ask if they will include these steps in their price quote. Some will not.

To reduce costs, hire a company that offers a free quote over the phone. Often, these companies can match or beat a local carpet cleaning company’s rates. It is also best to ask about discounts for first-time cleanings and regular maintenance service. Many commercial carpet cleaning companies will be happy to negotiate for your business. If your carpets are in a high-traffic area, explain how the cleaners can treat those areas.

Extra charges

The final pricing of carpet cleaning is determined by a number of factors, including the amount of work involved, the company’s size, and location. It is best to get a binding estimate from a company, because estimates can change due to unforeseen circumstances at your house. You should also discuss the importance of prevention, and ask about preventative maintenance such as entry matting, vacuuming, spotting, and topically applied protectants. In addition, a regular maintenance program can help you minimize the need for cleaning services.

Most carpet cleaning companies charge according to the square footage of the area they clean, with some charging more for larger areas. You can avoid these extra costs by arranging to move furniture out of the way ahead of time. Similarly, if you have electrical items in the room, you may want to move them out of the way. This will reduce the cost, but keep in mind that moving them can affect the cleaning process. This is why you should ask if there are any extra charges. Click the Following Link