Swansea, Washington, and Elyria Parks in Denver, Colorado

Swansea, Washington, and Elyria Parks in Denver, Colorado

If you are looking for an affordable and safe place to go out and play in Denver, you’ve come to the right place. The neighborhoods of Swansea, Washington, and Elyria are all excellent options for Denver’s urban park enthusiasts. Here, we will discuss how to choose between these parks, and why each one is unique. Also, we’ll look at the parks near the State Capitol, including Athmar and Swansea. A fantastic read


The physical character of Swansea at Elyriea Park is largely stable since the end of World War II. There are several small sections of single family homes interspersed with large sections of industrial development. These industrial areas include Denver Union Stockyards, Cudahy Meatpacking, Pepsi Cola Bottlers, and numerous other firms.

The city of Denver has many recreational opportunities, including Swansea at Elyriea Park. Residents enjoy eating at Federales and Safta tacos, Kumas Corner, Slater’s 5050, and other local eateries. In addition to dining out, residents enjoy dining in at Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Dio Mio, and The Whittier Pub. Safeway Food & Drug is nearby for basic grocery needs.


Elyria Park is a neighborhood in northeast Denver, Colorado. It is located between the Swansea and Globeville neighborhoods. While the neighborhoods were annexed into Denver in 1902, they have retained their small town characteristics. This neighborhood is predominantly Latino, and its finances are lower than the average Denver neighborhood. But Denver is planning a large scale redevelopment project in this neighborhood, including the construction of a $1.2 billion highway interchange. Check Out This Article

The neighborhood was first settled in the mid-1800s as a mining town. Later, it became a part of Arapahoe County, which included nearby Cherry Creek. In 1890, the area was developed, including a town hall, a fire department, a jail, a pound, and an electric and telephone company. In 1924, the neighborhood was home to an elementary school.

Washington Park

In the 1970s, the community of Elyria-Swansea, located west of downtown Denver, lost the battle against I70, a highway designed to move traffic east and west through the city. In the 1970s, Elyria Park residents lost a fight against pollution, transit, and schools. Today, the neighborhood is largely Latino, with a low socioeconomic status.

Both Swansea and Elyria have changed significantly over the years. They were annexed by Denver in 1883 and 1902, respectively. Despite this, the neighborhood still maintains the characteristics of a small town. Many residents in these neighborhoods were from other parts of the city, and Elyria and Swansea were home to saloonkeepers, tradesmen, and women who worked long hours.

Athmar Park

Athmar Park is a neighborhood in the city of Denver, Colorado. It is one of 88 neighborhoods in Denver. There are several entities that include or overlap with Athmar Park. The neighborhood’s walk score is 56. The neighborhood’s transit score is 43. Public transportation is provided by the RTD. There are 38 bus stops in the area. The nearest airport is Denver International Airport. Located near I-25 and US-6, the neighborhood is convenient to major highways and shopping.

Athmar Park is home to Huston Lake Park, named for the landowner N.K. Huston. The lake, formerly called Frenchies Lake, is a mile-long loop with tennis courts and flower beds. There are also playgrounds and fitness facilities. The park is home to several community organizations. This is an ideal place for families to gather for activities such as soccer and baseball.


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