Windy Saddle Park

Windy Saddle Park Colorado Hiking Trails

You’ve heard a lot about this Colorado hiking destination, but how do you find it? Windy Saddle Park is located near Lookout Mountain in Golden, CO. You can access it from westbound I70 from Denver. From there, you’ll find three hiking trails that will provide you with plenty of scenic vistas. Read on for more information. Below are some things to know about Windy Saddle Park before you make the trip. Continue reading about Colorado!

Beaver Brook Trail

The Beaver Brook Trail in Windy Saddle Park, Colorado, is a moderately difficult mountain bike trail. The trail starts with a creek hop and then passes over bridges and melted rock. There are exposed sections of forest. The terrain is varied, with sections of rolling hills and meadows. A tad bit of climbing is required, but the trail is generally well-marked.

The Beaver Brook Trail starts at the Windy Saddle parking lot. You can take a right at this point to reach the official trailhead. You can also choose to continue up the Lookout Mountain Trail if you prefer. Several side trails lead to Beaver Brook, and the trail is open year-round. However, it can get icy and slushy after a heavy snowfall.

Windy Saddle Trailhead

The Windys are a huge draw for adventurers in Golden. Windy Saddle Trailhead is located about 3.7 miles uphill from the intersection of 6th Avenue and 19th Street in Golden. Visitors to the park can hike the two-mile downhill trail and then pick up the Mountain Trail for a 500-foot elevation gain. If you don’t feel comfortable on steep trails, you can also go hiking on the flat sections of the park.

If you’re looking for a moderate hike or a longer bike ride, you can choose between the windy saddle trail and the Clear Creek Canyon trail. The latter trail is rated moderate due to its steep sections near Genesee and Windy Saddle. However, it provides a great view of Clear Creek Canyon and the Continental Divide. It also has sections through shaded pine forests and rolling hills.

Trail conditions

Hiking enthusiasts will appreciate the excellent trail conditions at Windy Saddle Park Colorado. Approximately 1 mile in length, this trail is rated medium and has an elevation gain of 203.4 feet. It also includes a trailhead on US-93. If you’re unsure of the trail conditions, it’s best to check the Windy Saddle Park Colorado trail map before heading out. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

The first part of the trail offers spectacular views of Windy Saddle. The first section begins on rocky boulders and opens into smooth singletrack through a pine forest. After that, it descends to the first creek crossing. From there, you’ll be rewarded with a scenic loop of rolling hills and shaded pine forests. Depending on the time of day and level of experience, you can even try some of the other trails in the park.


If you’re looking for a great hike in the Rocky Mountains, head up Lookout Mountain near Golden, CO. Windy Saddle Park is a short drive from Denver, on I-70. You’ll find the trailhead on the north side of Lookout Mountain, where you can choose from three different hiking trails. If you’re up for an adventure, consider hiking up Lookout Mountain to enjoy the stunning views of Golden and the surrounding area.

This park’s name comes from its winds, which are forced up by the steep mountain front. These winds are harnessed by various birds. If you’re interested in bird watching, check out the raptors that frequent the area. If you’re looking to see the majestic peaks in a different way, you can also take advantage of the windy conditions to take a hang glider or paraglide flight.

Trailhead location

One of the best ways to enjoy the beauty of Windy Saddle Park is to take the hiking trails there. This place is filled with outdoor enthusiasts looking for a dose of fresh air and natural beauty. The hiking trails here are both safe and challenging. They provide three distinct trail types. You can choose any one to hike depending on your skill level and experience. To find out more about the trails, check out the link below.

One of the most popular trails in the Windy Saddle Park is the Lookout Mountain Trail. This is located at 6,917 feet above sea level and climbs up nearly 600 feet over a five-mile hike. During the winter, the trail is icy, so be sure to wear ice cleats. Once you’re at the top, you’ll be treated to sweeping views of Golden, Lookout Mountain, the Tabletop Mesas, and Denver. A great post!

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